Service & Maintenance

The Cucina 2000 Series has been extensively field tested and is highly reliable. However, it requires so little routine daily maintenance and is so trouble free that you might forget to attend to some basic preventative maintenance measures.

Because the Cucina will become one of your most important kitchen assistants it is important that service programs be followed to avoid the costly down time of a service error occurring during an active use period.

Here is what we have organized to help you get the most long term benefit from your Twirl Pasta program:

  1. Take advantage of FREE installation and training by an authorized Twirl Service Representative. Proper installation and a course of instruction from an expert is the best way to be certain that you have all the information you need to succeed.
  2. Use the Operator's Manual to Start, Operate, and Shut Down the Cucina the first week so that you develop the proper procedures to minimize the possibility of operator error. A laminated sheet of basic operating instructions titled Best Practices is provided to make this process easy. Once you are comfortable operating the Cucina keep you Operator's Manual in a safe place for later reference.
  3. Purchase the Extended Service Program to keep your Cucina operating at peak performance. Preventive Maintenance is smart management and an excellent value adding only pennies to the cost of a Twirl Pasta meal.
  4. If a problem does develops: First, write down the last thing you were doing with the Cucina before the problem occurred; Second, locate your Operator s Manual with the Cucina Serial Number; Third, call our service department at 866-431-4632. With this information hopefully we can quickly diagnose the cause of the problem and return your Cucina to active service.
  5. If we cannot resolve the problem over the telephone we will contact the authorized Twirl service technician that installed your Cucina and ask them to call you to set up a service appointment as soon as possible.

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