Twirl Pasta has developed the Cucina 2000 Series of automatic pasta cookers to serve three foodservice program styles. The Cucina may be installed on an existing cabinet or countertop. Twirl Pasta offers customizable cart and display systems to support these programs. Twirl gear (caps, shirts, aprons, POS materials) and accessories are being developed to support the promotion of the Twirl brand.

Bistro. Bistro is characterized by a full service restaurant with a smaller seating capacity where the chef prepares his (her) own signature pasta sauces. Bistro could also be any quick service restaurants (QSRs) such as cafes, sandwich and pizza shops, a pub or bar where an attendant is available to serve the customer. Twirl Pasta’s individual portion pasta sauce packets also can be used in Bistro environments where the packets are kept hot in a bain marie. Choose the Cucina 2000 PRO for this application.

Convenience. Convenience foodservice programs are characterized by limited service. These applications are many. While Convenience programs may overlap with QSRs, a frequent distinguishing operating feature is that there is no on-site food product preparation. There is no true kitchen and no professional cooking staff. Offered food products are purchased and pre-packaged and Self Service options are optimized. Choose the Cucina 2000 PLUS for this application.

Vending. Vending programs are complete Self Service programs. The consumer not only makes and receives their food product selection without the service of an operator but they also make their payment at the vending machine. Typical applications include employee lunchrooms, school, hospital, and other institutional cafeterias, transportation centers, and recreation facilities. Choose the Cucina 2000 VEND for this application with one limiting condition. The Cucina 2000 VEND must be in the general area where an attendant is present because the cabinet of the Cucina is not yet “ruggedized” for remote installation.


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