Twirl Pasta Company Awarded Prestigious Kitchen Innovations™ 2008 Award!
Presented by the National Restaurant Association Restaurant Hotel-Motel Show

March 5th, 2008

WESTON, MA On January 15, 2008, Twirl Pasta Company was honored with a Kitchen Innovations™ (KI) 2008 Award for the Cucina 2000 Series Automatic Pasta Cooking System. Each year, the NRA Kitchen Innovations™ Awards recognize the most inventive and cutting-edge equipment in the foodservice industry. Twirl Pasta’s technological innovations developed in the Cucina 2000 Series was one of 25 foodservice innovations honored with a KI 2008 Award.

We are pleased to be honored with a KI 2008 Award, said Twirl Pasta President, Arthur Harrison. When customers first see our Cucina cook fresh pasta in 90 seconds they shake their heads in skeptical disbelief. But the true test is when they taste their Twirl Pasta meal prepared to al dente perfection and accompanied by our delightful pasta sauce. They again simply shake their heads but this time with a smile of bemused satisfaction. The taste quality is that good. Foodservice operators are delighted to exceed the increasingly high expectations of their customers for convenience, taste, and nutritional integrity while smartly controlling costs through automation and portion control.

This recognition applauds the long work of our development partner who over a period of more than five years has patiently invented and refined the engineering processes required to automate the art of cooking pasta and to do so in a phenomenally short time. In effect he has redefined the notion of what constitutes fast food, at least as it relates to pasta meals.

Using proprietary software developed from years of pasta cooking experience, Twirl Pasta organizes the Cucina's patented multi-chambered cooking kettle to fully automate and enclose the cooking process to substantially reduce the cost of delivering of a premium quality pasta meal. Now everyone can achieve the elusive perfection of pasta cooked al dente with just the push of a single button. Twirl Pasta is a branded foodservice program that can offered by a restaurateur as a bistro concept or as a self-service and/or vending concept operated by customers.

While Twirl Pasta is a bright new star in the constellation of foodservice equipment manufacturers, its founders have over 15 years experience bringing the innovations of automation to the service of the restaurant industry.


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