Market Drivers

Market Drivers are long term cultural and economic trends that by their pervasive force define how suppliers of goods and services must organize their work and products to meet the requirements of an increasingly educated and demanding consumer.

Successful companies recognize these forces and adapt their business strategies. Here we identify six trends that are actively working upon the foodservice industry NOW and whose impact on the marketplace will increase with every passing year.

Twirl Pasta's cooking systems have been designed to help foodservice operators respond to these market forces and benefit from the opportunity created by the changes that clear the way for these emerging realities. To use a surfing analogy, it's like “Catching a Wave” and it's what we mean when we say our vision is strategic.


Traditional foodservice is a labor-intensive activity requiring enormous support structure and expense. The increasing scarcity of skilled foodservice workers has created tremendous challenges to the industry and heightened expense for operators. Among these challenges are:

  • Uncertain ability to meet needed staffing levels
  • Increasing salaries and wages of full-time staff
  • Greater supervision to assure product quality
  • Greater supervision to minimize waste
  • Increasing insurance and social costs

These interconnected issues have accelerated interest in automation as a primary solution alternative to improve productivity.

Twirl Pasta resolves these problems by:

  1. Automating preparation of the pasta meal,
  2. Assuring consistency of the final product,
  3. Providing precise control of food product costs, and
  4. Greatly shortening the cooking time.
  5. Twirl Pasta is always on, always ready, and needs no supervision.

Eating Out

Consumers increasingly eat meals outside of their homes. Frequently these meals are taken on a rushed schedule. Speed, convenience, and affordability have been the three primary decision elements that motivate consumer food choices.

Speed is Twirl Pasta's hallmark. Twirl delivers a delicious, freshly prepared pasta meal in less than 90 seconds. That's fast!

Convenience is optimized by Twirl's innovative use of technology to enclose and accelerate the entire cooking process. All the operator or customer must do is press a single button. That's convenient!

Affordability is assured by Twirl's automated ON-DEMAND cooking program that eliminates labor, preparation cost, and food waste. The operator is able to achieve good margins and offer the Twirl Pasta meal at an affordable price. That's affordable and that's smart!

Smart Nutrition

Healthy eating has rapidly gained strength as a fourth key decision element for consumer meal choice. Consumers are well informed about Smart Nutrition. The problem has been that delicious, satisfying meals that are also nutritious are not easily found or readily associated with fast food service. That old convention is swept away by Twirl Pasta's compact footprint that allows perfectly cooked, fresh pasta meals to be available almost anywhere people gather.

Pasta provides Smart Nutrition. One of the oldest, most cherished, and most popular meal choices in the world, pasta is a complex carbohydrate with a low glycemic index. Pasta supplies slow-burning energy that supports today's active, healthy lifestyles. Pasta is made from semolina the flour of hearty, hard wheat. Semolina is different from the common white refined flour used to make breads and other heavily processed products.

Paired with tomato sauce and olive oil, pasta is at the center of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Tomato-based pasta sauce is high in lycopene one of the most potent anti-oxidants associated with lower risk of major diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Consumers know this and it has become an important factor in their meal choice.

Rising Food Costs

Commodities have become expensive. Over the past several years there has been a steady increase in the rate of increase of the cost of raw food products. Gone it seems are the days of the slow but persistent increase of raw food products. Now, as one example, the cost of durum wheat used to manufacture pasta has increased a staggering 40% in just the past few months!

The reasons are many. Weather conditions and crop yield have been a factor but more important has been the rising standard of living in major countries like China and India as well as conversion of land to alternative crops to produce bio fuels. There is simply not enough acreage in production to meet supply. As prices increase supply and demand will attempt to balance but the major new forces will continue to exert upward pressure on costs.

Other food products and products used in food preparation such as cooking oil have demonstrated similar pressures. The price of cooking oil has become so high that smart foodservice operators are more actively developing strategies to extend the life of their cooking oil and to wisely manage the removal of waste cooking oils.

Conservation through portion control and reduction of waste has become a critically needed management skill in foodservice operations. Technology can help. Twirl Pasta's automated cooking system virtually eliminates waste in preparing the pasta meal.

Eating “Off the Clock”

It has long been recognized that college students, especially when studying for exams, have non-traditional meal requirements often eating late at night and even in the early morning hours. This concept of “eating off the clock” has expanded into the mainstream as convenience food service possibilities have improved to meet the life styles of the increasingly mobile consumer.

This trend is rapidly accelerating and is converging with the increasing demand of consumers for nutritious and good-tasting convenience food. The consequence of this trend is an increasing demand for “Ubiquity of Foodservice”. The hallmark of successful foodservice operators will be their ability to identify and implement technologies like Twirl Pasta that will enable them to provide their programs with greater flexibility while wisely managing costs.

Self Service

Consumers have learned that mastering new technologies like self-service is easy and allows them more control over their own lives. Because consumers will frequently make their choice of a provider based on the availability of a self-service option, self-service is emerging as the new essential convenience. From bank ATMs, to airline ticket stations, to the gasoline pump consumers are using self-service alternatives to reduce their wait times.

Twirl Pasta is at the leading edge of fast food development by automating the food preparation process and by delivering delicious, fast, convenient, affordable and delicious pasta meals that meet all of the rising expectations demands of active consumers.


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