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Our strength is Innovation / Our vision is Strategic
Our passion is Pasta

Twirl Pasta Company manufactures, markets, distributes and sells the Cucina 2000 Automatic Pasta Cooking System. A bright new star in the foodservice equipment constellation, the company understands the convenience and quick-service food markets well. Since 1992 our founders have designed and developed innovative, proprietary equipment concepts using automation to deliver terrific tasting food products to consumers and extraordinary value to operators.

Twirl Pasta uses the innovative technology of automation to cook pasta very, very fast, Prestissimo! Now with just the push of a button you and your customers command all the cooking “arts” necessary to freshly prepare delicious bistro-quality pasta to that perfect state of consistency known around the world as al dente. We call this Prestissimo al dente cooking and to achieve it we have collaborated with family-owned companies in Italy to create delicious Twirl brand food products.

Please take a few moments to read about our concept, the programs we offer, and how affordable it is to bring the technology of automation to work in your kitchen. We hope you will decide to join the Twirl Pasta family and build your profits as we build our brand in service of your success.

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