Twirl Pasta Food Product Descriptions


Twirl Pasta is spaghetti-form pasta made to our specifications in Italy from premium durum wheat semolina. It is manufactured with a capillary running its length similar to the Bucatini pasta but with the much smaller diameter of spaghetti. This is hard to accomplish on a production basis! The result is terrific. It allows the pressure and super-hot water of the Cucina to cook the spaghetti from the inside and outside at the same time thereby greatly accelerating the cooking process.

Twirl Pasta is shipped in bulk form wrapped in plastic and contained within a corrugated box. Each box contains ten (10) Kilograms; that represents approximately 100 individual servings in the Cucina Pasta Carousel. The shelf life of an unopened box of Twirl Pasta is three years in ambient temperatures and with normal humidity levels.


Twirl Pasta Sauce products are manufactured for us by a small Italian manufacturer in the province of Reggio Emilio that has specialized in processing tomatoes for almost one hundred years. Tomatoes are a bountiful crop in this region. With long experience, superior technology, and dedication to on-going research and development they have been able to achieve outstanding results in keeping the prized characteristics of this special fruit intact and fresh tasting while extending product shelf life.

Asceptic packaging with attractive graphics in individual portion aluminum foil packets allows a shelf life of 18-to-24 months at ambient temperatures for all of our sauces. Individual packets are a comfortable hand size at 4” W X 5 ½” H and have a small slit at the top side to allow easy opening by hand. Twirl Pasta Sauce is sold in 80 count boxes that can be stored compactly on your shelf. The box size is 7.5” W X 15.75” L X 8.25” H and weighs approximately 17 pounds.


This is the simple heart of it all. From humble beginnings this simple tomato sauce has captured the culinary imagination of the world and has become the base of many other wonderful pasta sauces. Yet, the delicate balancing of the simplest regional ingredients continues to captivate as one of the world’s most popular partners for pasta.

Freshest tomatoes “pomodoro”, harvested at their peak of ripeness are simmered with sweet onion, carrots, celery, olive oil and a special blend of aromatic spices like thyme, and parsley, and black pepper to produce a thick, rich tomato sauce that clings to spaghetti. A Twirl of Napoletana brings layers of succulent flavor to delight your tongue and satisfy your inner hunger.


You might call it Piccante or maybe you just breath out the near silent exclamation “Whew, man!” past a satisfied smile. Yes, it’s that delightful. Patricia Wells, the respected cookbook author, speaking of Arrabiata Sauce, wonders “How can one simple dish give so much pleasure? Sometimes I think I could eat this every day” Trattoria p. 88.

The strong southern character of this spicy tomato sauce dances with spirit on your tongue making it a favorite of pasta lovers who crave a little zest in their life. Its sweet anger (arrabiata means “angry” in Italian) comes from the accent given our succulent tomato sauce by the hot red pepper affectionately known as Diavolino, “the little devil”.


Is there any aroma quite so fresh smelling as sweet basil? This delightfully light and fragrant herb is added at the last possible moment to a slow simmer of fresh, juicy tomatoes and just the right balance of savory vegetables like garlic and onion, some special seasoning, and of course a fruity olive oil to complement the basil. The luxuriant taste of basil is released best when cooked least.

Pesto Genovese

This is the classic Italian green sauce with a fresh, rich, pungency that is carried marvelously well on spaghetti pasta. Happily associated with warm summer Ligurian breezes, traditional pesto is an uncooked sauce made from sweet basil, garlic, an Italian hard cheese (ours is Parmigiano-Reggiano) and, of course, olive or sunflower oil. Basil is a cherished royal herb of Mediterranean cooking. Garlic is essential to the richness of this rich sauce. While there are many versions of pesto, Twirl complements the basic pesto with the delicate, light taste of finely minced pine nuts from the Italian Stone Pine.


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