Twirl Concept

Twirl Pasta has brought the technology of automation to the service of one of the world’s oldest and most satisfying foods in support of the rapidly growing population whose lifestyle choices emphasize healthy eating and emotional well-being.

The benefits of a well-balanced pasta meal have long been recognized as an essential element of the healthy Mediterranean Diet. But it is the indescribable quality of pasta to satisfy that brings near universal acclaim. Perhaps no other cuisine reaches to such soulful depths of satisfaction as pasta.

Our on the go, fast moving lifestyles frequently don’t allow us the time to sit down to a well-prepared pasta meal. Boiling water by itself takes 15 minutes and achieving al dente consistency seems near impossible. Wonderful pasta dishes are created everyday by celebrated chefs around the world but the equipment necessary to make these pleasures accessible to our lifestyles has remained virtually unchanged; UNTIL NOW.

The Cucina 2000 Cooking System is the award-winning result of more than five years of research and product development. It has been designed to resolve the serious industry challenges that operators face today and to enable them to benefit from the longer term cultural trends that are driving the market and revolutionizing the concept of convenience foodservice.

Integrating the laborsaving advantages of the Cucina’s automation with superior food product technology, Twirl Pasta delivers outstanding technical and financial performance for the operator and a terrific taste experience for the consumer.

Known for the superior taste quality and nutritional value of its affordable pasta meals and easily recognizable by its colorful and stylish contemporary design, the Twirl Pasta kiosk will soon become widely available in major transportation centers, employee cafeterias, and a vast array of quick service restaurants and convenience locations.

This is just the beginning. With offices in the United States and in Europe, Twirl Pasta is positioned to become an international brand on the leading edge of convenience food service.

We invite you to share our passion, exceed your customer’s expectations, and grow with us.

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