The Twirl Advantage


The most important criterion of successful foodservice is taste quality. Twirl Pasta uses premium ingredients like authentic Italian pasta sauces and durum wheat semolina. And this is just the start.

Great tasting pasta is only accomplished when the pasta achieves just the right “bite” and mouth feel, a comforting, velvety firmness known as al dente. Remarkably, Twirl Pasta’s Cucina 2000 pasta cookers reward by delivering this delicious al dente perfection each and every time.


Twirl Pasta presently offers four pasta sauces made for us in Italy. Three are tomato based (Napoletana, Basil, and Arraibiata). The fourth is a scrumptious pesto sauce. Customers simply say Delicious! Exciting new sauces are in development and will be offered as the Twirl Pasta program expands.


The Cucina's Pasta Carousel™ holds individual portions of spaghetti in clear acrylic cylinders so customers can see that their order is freshly cooked for them. Twirl Pasta sauces are packaged in individual portion packets so there is virtually no mess. Therefore no cleanup is required.


The patented Cucina 2000 automatic pasta cooking system prepares premium quality Italian Spaghetti pasta to al dente perfection in 90 seconds or less! Foodservice operators facing a hungry lunch crowd and needing even faster production can choose our Cucina PRO model. The Cucina PRO can deliver cook times as low as 60 seconds when you need it most. This is truly phenomenal speed. Prestissimo!


The low delivered cost of a Twirl Pasta meal allows Operators to achieve solid profit margins with affordably priced pasta meals. Automation, portion control, and competitively priced food products assure low cost while delivering consistently high quality with on-demand performance. Check out Twirling for Profits to learn how Twirl Pasta can improve your company’s performance.


What operation can be simpler than to press a single button? The proprietary and automated cooking process of the Cucina 2000 uses state-of-the-art computer electronics and ingenious electro-mechanical water systems to virtually eliminate costly labor and training time while ensuring perfectly prepared pasta.


Each Twirl Pasta meal is cooked in fresh water. The Cucina empties the cooking kettle after each portion is cooked. The high temperature of the empty cooking kettle quickly dries the cooking surfaces. This process minimizes the ability of minerals from the water and starch from the pasta to accumulate in the water lines or in the cooking kettle.

When the Cucina is idle for extended periods, the entire system is automatically flushed with fresh water.


The Cucina 2000 cooking system is fully enclosed. This means that there is no requirement for hoods or vents or special licenses to cook. Daily maintenance is a snap; the only cleaning required at the end of the day is to wipe down the pasta delivery area.


With a compact and flexible format, Twirl Pasta cooking systems are so easy to install that you can begin serving terrific tasting pasta meals to your customers in less than one hour.


While we are partial to the warm and friendly glow of the yellow and gold cabinet coloring of the Cucina, other color schemes can be customized to match your company colors or your design motif. The front panel display can present your company image and logo.


Twirl Pasta food products may be stored at ambient temperatures with normal humidity. Stored properly, from the date of manufacture, the shelf life of the pasta is 3 years and of the sauce is 18 months.


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